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Marion Bürklé Workspace

Born in Germany in 1952, nothing predisposed Marion Bürklé to launch an artistic career.

In 1990, after having purchased clay in Vallauris, she was driven by an irresistible urge to shape, sculpt, and create.
Her first sculptures were born from this initial material — sculptures of women that aroused enthusiasm and admiration from her family and friends.
What began as a simple pleasure quickly became a passion.
Emboldened, she participated in a group exhibition that earned her 1st prize in sculpture, a spot on the radio, and entry into a gallery in Mougins.
Marion Bürklé, a determined and strong-willed woman, worked tirelessly. Her structured mind and unique style of expression are her main assets.

From 1996 on, she devoted herself exclusively to artistic creation. Her pieces are displayed in France and abroad in various galleries, shows, and personal exhibitions.
She has been bolstered by positive reviews and awards, including the prestigious “Marina Picasso” in 1999.

Today, Marion Bürklé continues to explore various paths, guided by this obsessive search for the purity of lines.
The elegance and timelessness that imbue her pieces attract art lovers and collectors.


Opening period: 

Every day from 1st April to 31th October or by appointment.