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L'Essentiel By Christelle - Art & Well-being

"L'Essentiel By Christelle Art & Well-Being"

Practitioner in Massage Well-Being approved by the FFMBE and Master - Reiki Practitioner
The different types of wellness massage that I propose to you are an invitation to travel, a path of reconciliation between skin and muscle, between body and mind, a real return to oneself.
Deep, unifying, enveloping, intuitive, for pregnant women or sitting massage (Kata Amma Sitting, 30 min chair massage based on acupressure- for a calming of tensions and the mind), a wide range of massages to satisfy your most varied needs.
Beyond the acquired techniques, the wellness massage becomes an art of living, a tool of well-being and a path of enlightenment.

Reiki sessions, an energy treatment of Japanese origin, help to revitalize, rebalance and purify the energy body. They act on the body and the conscience and are indicated for problems:
- physical (pain, fatigue, sleep disorders, ..)
- emotional (depression, sadness, hypersensitivity ...)
- psychological (stress, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, ...)
- spiritual.
A session promotes relaxation, well-being, self-confidence and personal development.
On appointment only