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The « Étoiles de Mougins »

Key dates :

2006 • Tribute to Roger Vergé, inventor of Cuisine du Soleil (Cuisine of the Sun)

2007 • The Year of confirmation around Christian Willer, highlighting the notion of sharing and intergenerational transmission.

2008 • The International Year, around Marc Veyrat, with the finest, tastiest organic foods for the third Festival, with the presence of over 100 Chefs

2009 • The Transition Year, around Émile Jung and Franco-Italian friendship

2010 • Women’s Year, around an exceptional lady, Anne-Sophie Pic, and many prestigious guests

2011 • The Year of Art, around Eric Frechon, the Festival’s celebrity sponsor; also the year Mougins was awarded the Ville & Métier d’Art Label for Gastronomy —a first in France!— in the presence of Frédéric Lefebvre, then Secretary of State for Tourism

2012 • On the theme of Gastronomy and the Media, around Frédéric Anton, the Festival attracted over 28,000 participants

2013 • The Festival celebrated Mediterranean culture around Gérald Passédat and Marseille, European Capital of Culture

2014 • Mougins honoured sweets and prestigious pastry Chefs: with, at his table, Philippe Conticini as exceptional guest, and Christelle Brua as guest of honour

Les Étoiles de Mougins Festival goes global :

Les Étoiles de Mougins Festival, thanks to its renown acquired over the years, goes abroad to organize similar events beyond French borders: New-York in 2007, Brussells in 2008, Saint-Tropez in 2009 and 2010, Los Angeles in 2010, Casablanca and Lerici in 2011, and Funchal on the Island of Madeira in 2012, sought Les Étoiles’s know-how to create their own events, inspired by the Festival of Gastronomy. These provide new opportunities for Mougins to promote the destination abroad and associate its image with other famous places.