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Departmental Park of La Valmasque

In a pristine natural setting around the Sophia Antipolis Science Park, the Alpes-Maritimes General Council wished to maintain a wreath of green with the two Departmental Parks of La Valmasque and La Brague.

Comprising three wooded hills alternating with the small valleys of the small streams flowing into the Brague, Valmasque and Bouillide rivers, Parc de la Valmasque is ideal for children and welcomes you with the family to observe Nature and participate in games and sports.


Le Canal de la Siagne

The Siagne Canal is one of two main sources of drinking water for the City of Cannes and its vicinity.

Built at the instigation of Lord Brougham, former Lord Chancellor of England, and inaugurated in 1868, the Canal features many hydraulic structures of the time and has become a popular attraction for the people from the communes through which it flows in its 43km course.


L'Etang de Fontmerle

Fontmerle Pond is home to Europe’s largest lotus colony

Fontmerle Pond, on the edge of Parc de La Valmasque, is a rare, remarkable 5-hectare site, a pristine natural pond with an astonishing collection of lotus plants, introduced there in the 1960s by the former owner, Maurice Gridaine, and which have grown since to become Europe’s largest lotus colony.

These sublime plants are in bloom from July to mid-September with flowers up to 25cm in diameter and leaves up to 1 metre across.

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